Aurea McGarry Interviews Jayson Waller & Liz Waller, Stars of New Reality Show BAMFAM

Jayson Waller is a game-changing business coach, renowned for his remarkable achievements in the world of entrepreneurship. With a track record that boasts 8 CEO of the Year awards, including the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year accolade, Jayson’s impact on the business landscape is truly unparalleled.

He’s the visionary behind not one, but four $10 million companies, demonstrating his exceptional leadership and strategic prowess. Taking his entrepreneurial journey to the next level, Jayson successfully built a billion-dollar business, cementing his status as a true industry titan.

Beyond his business acumen, Jayson Waller is a multi-talented powerhouse. As an Apple Top 5 podcaster, he hosts two influential shows: “The BAM Podcast” and “Unleashed,” captivating audiences with his motivational insights. His authorship has also left a lasting imprint, with his book “Own Your Power” earning accolades from USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller status.

Adding a new dimension to his public presence, Jayson and his family are set to shine in an Amazon Prime reality series titled “THE BAM FAM,” slated to air in December 2023. This venture promises to provide viewers with a unique glimpse into the life of a remarkable entrepreneur and his dynamic family.

Join Jayson Waller on an inspiring journey alongside world-class guests, where motivation and personal growth intersect. Gain valuable insights into the integration of AI into your daily routines, master the art of elite-level digital marketing, and benefit from the wisdom born from Jayson’s hard-earned successes and failures. And throughout it all, be prepared to laugh heartily as you embark on this remarkable journey of empowerment and achievement.

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Aurea McGarry is an Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host, Producer, TEDx, and Keynote Speaker, Event Emcee, and podcaster of Get CELEBRITIZED.,

She is passionate about empowering women in business on how to gain more notoriety in their careers by capitalizing on their intellectual property so they can attract their ideal customers and become the “Go-To” person in their industry. Aurea is passionate about working with serious entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their light and on stages so they can SHINE and make a difference in the world with their brilliance, products, and services!

Helping them build increased Visibility – Credibility & Profitability

She has been an entrepreneur since the age of eleven, has spoken on thousands of stages since the age of 15, Currently serving on the Emmy Award Board of Governors, and as an active Emmy judge since 2009.

Today, Aurea has helped thousands of women rise above their circumstances and earn more money by creating additional streams of income through speaking, events, workshops, webinars, and podcasting with Emmy Award-winning-style and excellence!

From creating and structuring events to filling them, all her programs teach entrepreneurs how to maximize and monetize their expertise by teaching them her inside secrets on how they too can attract thousands more potential customers who will get to know like, and trust them resulting in massive growths in their customer base.

Aurea has been featured on over 400 radio and podcast shows and well over 200 TV shows nationwide and globally with viewers in the millions.

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Interview questions:

Q1: Jayson, you’ve got a fascinating underdog backstory of growing up in a trailer park, becoming a teen dad, your painful loss last year of a billion dollar business – and now you’re launching a reality show!! Can you tell us your backstory in your own words and what initially motivated you to open your life and family up to a reality show that documents your journey… the good, the bad, the unfiltered, and the family bonds that seem to hold it all together?

Q2: What made you decide that now was the right time to share your story with a wider audience? Can you give us a sneak peak of each family member?

Q3: Reality shows have the power to inspire and motivate viewers. What message or impact do you hope this show will have on people who are currently facing their own seemingly insurmountable challenges?

Q4: How has the experience of filming this reality show affected you and your family personally? Were there any unexpected discoveries or lessons learned along the way?

Q5: Can you discuss the balance of maintaining your authenticity and allowing the audience into your personal world?

Q6: The title of the show implies a journey of strength. Can you share some of the key strategies or principles that helped you and your family overcome adversity and build a brighter future?

Q7: What do you hope viewers will take away from watching your family’s story on this reality show, and do you believe it will resonate with a broad audience beyond your personal experiences?

Q8: Tell us what’s next for you and the Waller family and how viewers can learn more about BAM FAM and where to follow?

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