LastLeaf Is Giving Cannabis Cuisine a Makeover

Celebrity Chef Todd English designs Italian-inspired, THC-infused culinary products

LastLeaf is launching their first cannabis-infused culinary product providing at-home chefs with creative freedom for their edible consumption.  LastLeaf is approaching edibles differently, concentrating on savory, vibrant, and deliciously balanced flavors to make edibles more like eatables. The vision of the company is to make cannabis consumption and dosage easy, incorporate the products into everyday cooking, and encourage anyone to have fun while using them.

“We wanted to make a product that breaks the boundaries of what people expect from cannabis edibles and make it so anyone can easily incorporate it into their cooking,” said Founder and CEO, Keith Burkard. “As the cultural view of THC evolves, we want to evolve with it and bring low-dose infused gourmet foods to the masses.”

LastLeaf has partnered with influential chefs, to offer an array of products representing diverse cuisines. Their first partnership is with Celebrity Chef and four-time James Beard Award winner Todd English who is focusing on Italian-inspired cuisine. English is fusing his culinary talents with cannabis and the result is affordable, easy-to-make food products, elevating THC-infused edibles into a DIY culinarian experience anyone can enjoy in the comfort of their own kitchen.

“I’m always looking to innovate, and cannabis was the next culinary frontier for me to explore. The timing just needed to be right,” said LastLeaf Master Chef Cuisine de Italy Todd English. “LastLeaf is about accessibility for anyone who is interested in exploring with us. When my sister fell ill with cancer, I baked THC-infused goodies for her and the results were eye-opening. Cannabis is a very useful way to reduce stress and discomfort. I’m a huge supporter of the plant’s abilities and can’t wait to share these benefits through LastLeaf.”

LastLeaf provides an excellent option for the millions of adults who have avoided cannabis consumption because they don’t want to smoke or vape, or the sweet flavor profiles in traditionally made edibles just do not appeal to them.  “We are offering a new type of consumption which has only recently been explored in the cannabis space, micro-dosing, which can be done daily. This type of consumption has been proven effective in offering relief from many ailments, without altering someone’s state of mind,” said Burkard. “There is an amazing cannabis culinary culture who has paved the way to offering low dose, savory dining options. LastLeaf is simply taking that concept and offering the experience for someone to do it in their own at home.”

To roll out their new line of gourmet infused foods, LastLeaf is first launching in the state of California and offering two varieties of Mac and Cheese, Cheddar and White Cheddar. Using a high-quality, clean, chemical free production system that forgoes the common use of unhealthy butane oils, LastLeaf is bringing cannabis straight from the tree to diners’ kitchens. From the novice to the veteran cannabis user, LastLeaf products enhance the dining experience for the cannabis curious foodie. Through tutorials and videos, LastLeaf is hoping to provide guidelines for those who have basic cooking skills, and inspiration and new techniques for those who are looking to boost their cooking game.

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LastLeaf is a cannabis infused culinary product company approaching edibles differently with savory flavors. They work with top-rated, creative chefs to provide products to the American at-home chef. They  deeply believe in the healing powers of food and the cannabis plant, individually, but see they are better together.  Learn more at and follow on Instagram @LastLeatEatables.