NantHealth and Intraprise Health Announce Collaboration

YARDLEY, Pa. & EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NantHealth, a provider of enterprise solutions that help businesses transform complex data into actionable insights, today announced a collaboration with Intraprise Health, the provider of HIPAA One Security and Privacy Compliance software. HIPAA One’s Security Risk Assessment software will now be available to the growing network of healthcare provider offices utilizing NantHealth’s NaviNet solution, offering a comprehensive solution to manage HIPAA compliance requirements.

Intraprise Health’s HIPAA One solution is used by more than 64,000 providers in over 7,000 locations. Its automated software and methodologies include compliance gap assessments, remediation plans, and ongoing tracking and final reports. Utilizing the HIPAA One Security Risk Assessment software ensures providers are compliant with the ever-changing government regulations and HIPAA audit protocols.

NantHealth’s NaviNet, one of the nation’s leading payer-provider collaboration platforms, allows providers to exchange vital administrative, financial and clinical information in real-time. Working with HIPAA One, NaviNet will educate its network of providers on the application, guiding them on how they can complete mandatory HIPAA compliance requirements and protect sensitive patient information.

“As a compliance software leader, Intraprise Health is excited to work with NantHealth, a premier SaaS company and leading supplier of payer-provider engagement solutions, in supporting their provider network to achieve HIPAA compliance,” said Sean Friel, CEO of Intraprise Health. “Providing next generation privacy and security software, we’re confident that NantHealth’s providers will find HIPAA compliance not only attainable but simple to accomplish with our automated application.”

“It’s crucial for healthcare providers to ensure their practices are compliant and that their patients’ information is protected. Staying up-to-date with the latest, mandatory HIPAA regulations and standards is no easy task, regardless of the size of the practice,” said Ron Louks, Chief Operating Officer, NantHealth. “Collaborating with Intraprise Health’s HIPAA One team, we’re excited to educate our provider network on how they can utilize the industry leading risk analysis tools needed to ensure compliance.”

About NantHealth

NantHealth, a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, provides enterprise solutions that help businesses transform complex data into actionable insights. By offering efficient ways to move, interpret, and visualize complex and highly sensitive information, NantHealth enables customers in healthcare, life sciences, logistics, telecommunications and other industries to automate, understand and act on data while keeping it secure and scalable. NantHealth’s product portfolio comprises the latest technology in payer/provider collaboration platforms for real-time coverage decision support (Eviti and NaviNet), and data solutions that provide multi-data analysis, reporting and professional services offerings (Quadris). The OpenNMS Group, Inc., a NantHealth subsidiary, helps businesses monitor and manage network health and performance. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and subscribe to our blog.

About Intraprise Health

Intraprise Health is an industry leading “tech-enabled” healthcare cybersecurity and risk management services provider. One of the longest tenured HITRUST Assessors in the industry, our broad range of information security, privacy and compliance services include: HITRUST Certification, Third-Party Risk Management, NIST Cybersecurity Framework Adoption, Strategic Advisory Services, Remediation Management, Incident Response and Business Continuity. We deliver HIPAA Security Risk Assessments and Workforce Training via our HIPAA One platform. Our next generation BluePrint Protect platform, based on the NIST Risk Management Framework, provides intelligent monitoring, workflow management and collaboration capabilities. Visit for more information.