Repairing America’s Broken Democracy: Bridge Alliance Members Take Action – Graham Bodie, National Week of Conversation (NWOC)

Graham Bodie, Ph.D, is a scholar, educator and consultant. In each role, he attempts to bring attention to one fundamentally important, yet undervalued skill – listening.

Dr. Bodie is an internationally recognized expert on listening and has published over 90 monographs, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries, along with three edited books. His most recent co-edited project, Listening, Community Engagement, and Peacebuilding (Routledge), explores what it means to “listen well” in community engagement and peacebuilding projects and includes chapters from scholars and practitioners who have worked in dozens of countries around the world. Dr. Bodie’s work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense (US Army) and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, and on National Public Radio. He conducts workshops and presents keynote addresses around the globe to organizations and teams seeking to improve their listening skills. When he consults, he prefers projects that allow him to make a difference. Currently, Dr. Bodie serves as Chief Listening Officer for Listen First Project, the largest collective impact network of organizations seeking to reduce the harms of toxic polarization.

About National Week of Conversation

Thousands of Americans will join together April 17-23, 2023, to participate in the 6th annual National Week of Conversation (NWOC).

During NWOC, hundreds of organizations lead events offering opportunities to help bridge the polarization that threatens the future of the United States. NWOC is powered by the #ListenFirst Coalition of 500+ organizations. Participants will be encouraged to listen with curiosity, speak from their own experience, and connect with respect.

The 6th annual National Week of Conversation invites Americans to practice “Courage over Contempt” by having conversations despite differences in bold and energizing ways. NWOC events will be hosted by more than 150 partners within the wider #ListenFirst Coalition and anyone else who would like to become a Hosting Partner. For more information, visit:

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The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of over 90 organizations dedicated to rejuvenating America. With each organization focusing on a different sector of the movement, our members represent a combined three million supporters in the burgeoning field of civic reform and civil discourse. In addition, more than one billion dollars has been invested towards improving government effectiveness nationwide.

The Bridge Alliance acts as a hub of information and connectivity for over 90 civic action organizations.

We provide the infrastructure for our members to expand individually, collaborate on shared goals, and inform others that are invested in democracy revitalization. This generates a collective impact for greater than any one group could make alone.

David Nevins is president & CEO of Nevins & Associates, a highly regarded strategic communications company and proactive public relations partner. The firm’s regional and national client base is a unique mix of organizations across a variety of industries including: healthcare, professional service firms, finance, not-for-profits, distributors, state agencies, national media companies, technology, political and grassroots campaigns, real estate development, sporting events, and more.

With more than 30 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and community and government relations, David is a talented and seasoned executive. Prior to founding Nevins & Associates in 1983, David served as the Director of Marketing for both Towson University and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. In 2001, he was tapped by the CEO of Comcast to employ his marketing expertise as President of the company’s regional sports network, Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic. David is a Past President of the Board of Governors for the Center Club and is a former Chairman of the Board of Regents for the University System of Maryland, a position to which he was appointed by the Governor of Maryland. David has chaired the Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission and the Maryland Higher Education Loan Corporation, served as President of both the Jewish National Fund and the Towson Business Association and was a member of the PNC Bank board.

David is highly involved in the business, civic, and political communities, and his many years of active leadership in numerous organizations have built a network of contacts that he regularly puts to use for the firm’s clients. For more information, visit