Tammi Thomas Interviews Connor Roberts, Founder of Opal HTM

Connor Roberts is founder and CEO of Opal HTM, a healthcare technology company working to improve hospital efficiency by reshaping how medical equipment is managed and maintained. Under Connor’s leadership, Opal HTM has acquired patent protection for its technology, raised capital through grants and investments, built industry partnerships, and conducted significant market research and validation. The company was recently selected for investment through the TEDCO Rural Business Innovation Initiative, as well as the Launch Lane Digital Health Accelerator, and is currently preparing to launch in-field system pilots.

Before founding Opal HTM, Connor worked as an electrical engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory where he honed his skills in electronics design and project management. Prior to that, he was a senior research assistant for The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science where he developed solutions to maintenance and supply chain problems in the healthcare industry. He holds an MS in engineering management and a BS in electrical engineering and economics. In his spare time, Connor is an avid outdoorsman and gardener, and serves as an industry mentor to undergraduate engineering design teams, helping to foster the next generation of innovators.

Tammi Thomas, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

As TEDCO’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Tammi develops and oversees the implementation of the organization’s brand, marketing, and communications strategy. Her leadership and knowledge are instrumental in establishing TEDCO as the most recognized organization in Maryland for identifying, investing in, and growing technology-based businesses. Tammi is an award-winning communicator with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, technology, economic development, higher education, and entrepreneurship.

Interview questions:

Q1: Tell us a little about Opal HTM and what inspired the idea behind it?

Q2: How is Opal HTM impacting the medical device and healthcare industries?

Q3: What are some key milestones for Opal HTM since its launch?

Q4: Due to the impact of COVID-19, what changes has your company had to make?

Q5: How has TEDCO helped your business?

Q6: What’s your vision for the future of Opal HTM?

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