Peter Kelly Interviews Anh Vazquez Hatzopoulos, Co-founder and CEO at NoteGoat

Anh has spent the bulk of her career solving complex problems in business software, e-commerce and in fintech. Her roles in e-commerce and fintech were driven by wanting to solve problems for communities whose needs and circumstances are often overlooked, a passion informed by her upbringing in a hardworking immigrant family of modest means. Anh gained invaluable experience working at companies including Intel, Netscape and before making a conscious decision to pursue more humanizing work.

Shortly after having her second child and already thinking about setting up college funds, she founded Little Grad, a rewards program designed to help parents—including those with limited formal education who may find the process daunting—save for college. After selling Little Grad Anh went to NetSpend, which services those who are locked out of the traditional banking system and as a result pay exorbitant fees just to cash a paycheck.

Following NetSpend, Anh co-founded Dama Financial, the cannabis industry’s leading provider of access to banking and financial services to licensed operators in the United States to remove cash from the system and increase public safety. Her recent company which she co-founded, NoteGoat, an AI company reimagining the learning experience, is inspired by the desire to lower student anxiety so they have the room to learn.

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Peter Kelly works as a business school instructor and individual investor. He teaches four courses at Stanford Graduate School of Business and has invested in more than 60 private operating companies in eight countries.

Currently, Mr. Kelly teaches Managing Growing Enterprises, Entrepreneurial Acquisition, and Search Fund Garage at Stanford GSB, and is a director of Auronix, Frotcom, MaxRTE, másLabor, and ResponseLink(chair). Mr. Kelly is a former director of AquaVita Holdings, eCompliance LLC, The Governance Institute Inc., Guardian Home Care Holdings Inc., HuneeusVintners (executive chair), Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics Inc., Medical Equipment Distributors Inc., Northstar Anesthesia, the American Association for Homecare, The Council for Quality Respiratory Care (founding chair), and Marin Academy. He taught Search Funds at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain from 2011 to 2021, and served as the Chief Financial Officer, President, and Chief Executive Officer, from 1993 to 2010, of Med-Mart/Pacific Pulmonary Services (“PPS”), a provider of home medical services acquired by the search fund that Kelly co-founded. His early work experience includes originating investments at TA Associates, a risk capital firm.

Mr. Kelly received three degrees from Stanford University, an individually designed BA in Science, Technology, and Social Theory, an MS in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA. He lives with his wife, April, in Mill Valley, California.

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Interview questions:

Introduction | Please tell us a little about your background and what led you to launch NoteGoat?

Platform | What are the key features of the NoteGoat platform? How does it work?

Higher Education | What led you to focus on the higher education community as your target audience? Would the platform work in other settings, such as as a business meeting?

Note Taking | Why is note taking so integral to the learning process and how does Note Goat enhance those benefits?

AI and Education | There has been an ongoing debate surrounding the use of AI, particularly ChatGPT, in the classroom. Many fear that students will use these tools as an opportunity to cheat. How do you respond to this concern and how does NoteGoat fit into that conversation?

Multiple Languages | NoteGoat has introduced a feature that generates notes in 12 languages in addition to English. You have said that this feature is as much for the benefit of the schools as it is for the students? What do you mean by that?

Growth and Upcoming Features and Offerings | What are the growth plans for NoteGoat? What is on the horizon for the platform? – How It Works

What is NoteGoat?

NoteGoat is an AI-powered note-taking tool that captures every key point of a live or virtual lecture across all majors and subjects.

How does it work?

It uses optimized AI engines to generate key points and a summary on a laptop, tablet or phone.
NoteGoat’s note-taking capability is unparalleled, with a simple interface that makes it easy to use.

Why is it important?

1. It reduces anxiety.
– College students often feel pressure to capture every word in a lecture, a difficult if not impossible task that can cause anxiety and hinder learning.

2. It improves the classroom experience.
– By eliminating the pressure to write down everything the professor says, NoteGoat allows students to approach lectures feeling relaxed, engaged and ready to learn.

3. It boosts academic performance.
– When intertwined with personal notes, NoteGoat paints a comprehensive picture that establishes a personal connection to the material.
– This powerful combination opens the door to a deeper level of understanding.

4. It’s a positive application of AI in education.
– NoteGoat is a learning aid, not a shortcut.
– It’s meant to be a complement to traditional note-taking, not a replacement.

5. Notetaking is an essential element of learning, but not everyone is good at it.
– The benefits of physical note-taking are undisputed, but it’s an acquired skill that proves challenging for many young adults.
– Researchers have likened the cognitive demands of good note-taking to those of playing chess.

When is it available?
Early August 2023 for the general public

Where can students get it? the Apple App Store, and Google Play

Key features
– Separate or side-by-side viewing of NoteGoat-generated notes and personal lesson notes (whichever the user prefers)
– A centralized location for all notes, organized by subject
– A reminder shortly before class to begin personal note-taking
– Sharing to collaborate with study groups

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