Michael Coles Interviews Martin Emmett, Founder & CEO of Dirty Dog’s Car Wash

Dirty Dog’s Car Wash was born out of Emmett’s drive to leave his career as a lawyer and hang his own shingle as an entrepreneur. When he was introduced to Coles, the company was thriving and ready for the next level of success. Coles helped secure a $35 million strategic growth equity investment from Salt Lake City-based The Cynosure Group to fund the company’s growth into key markets with an aim to open an additional 25 locations nationwide over the next 36 months. Coles sits down with Emmett to discuss where they see the industry going and what Dirty Dog’s is doing to innovate and retain great talent.

Co-founder of the Great American Cookie Company and former CEO of Caribou Coffee, Michael Coles is a transformational leader, accomplished entrepreneur, education advocate and motivational keynote speaker with a deep commitment to community.

From starting three businesses, to setting transcontinental world cycling records, to making two bids for U.S. Congress and writing legislation for the Georgia film tax credit that changed an industry, Michael Coles is a passionate entrepreneur. Through his cross country travels, he is also a discerning consumer of car washes. He has watched the industry grow and evolve to become ripe for significant investment. When Coles met Martin Emmett, a fellow entrepreneur who shares his laser focused attention to detail, he knew he had found the right car wash to help grow.

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Interview questions:

Q1: Martin – you had a successful career as a lawyer. What made you decide to take the leap to entrepreneurship

Q2: What attracted you to the car wash industry and why contactless?

Q3: How did you pivot during the pandemic?

Q4: You and I share a focus on making sure that no detail is overlooked. Why is that important to you?

Q5: We also share a commitment to giving back to the community. You gave away 10,000 free car washes for squad cars last year. What did you get in return?

Q6: My wife Donna and have spent years making cross country road trips. During that time we have visited countless car washes. The industry is growing quickly. Where do you see it going and what makes you think you can differentiate yourself from the intense competition?

Q7: You’ve recently announced that you plan to open 25 new car washes in the next 36 months. What’s fueling your growth?

Q8: I’ve been impressed with your employee retention. Is mentorship important to you and what are you doing to retain great talent?

Q9: What you are doing to innovate?

Founded in 2018, Dirty Dogs Car Wash wanted to create a different kind of car wash experience, one fueled by our commitment to our customers, employees and the communities where we are located. We know anyone can wash a car, and we believe our values, First in Service, First in Community, are what set us apart in the industry.  Dirty Dogs Car Wash provides fast, efficient and affordable car washes.   dirtydogscarwash.com.

Recent News: Dirty Dog’s Car Wash Receives A $35M Growth Equity Investment From The Cynosure Group

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