Joy McAdams Interviews Louis Carter, CEO and Founder at Most Loved Workplace

Louis Carter is a trailblazer in the field of organizational development, renowned for his groundbreaking research on emotional connection and its impact on creating positive, values-based movements inside organizations to foster peak performance. He is the founder and CEO of Most Loved Workplace, and Best Practice Institute, as well as the author of over 10 books covering topics such as best practices in leadership development and emotional connections within the workplace. His expertise has earned him recognition as one of Global Gurus’ Top 10 Organizational Culture Gurus in the world and he has become a sought-after adviser for C-level executives seeking to improve their workplaces, with many citing his work as instrumental in their success. Louis Carter is also partnered with Newsweek to publish the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces, providing benchmarking and data insights to companies striving to reach that goal. Learn more at:

Joy is an entrepreneur, podcast host, 15x Ironman, online influencer, wellness advocate, and mom of five. She’s on a mission to help others find balance in their lives, and live life with purpose. Joy completed her first Ironman 3 years ago when she was 44 years old. Joy is a proponent of growth mindset and a believer in the importance of making time for yourself. Her mantra is: We’ve got one life, and you’ve only got one you, so now is the time!

Joy’s passion is to help healthcare practices thrive, not just survive. Her career started 23 yrs ago working for NBC television. It was this first job, that introduced her to a wide variety of industries. It also grew her love for video communication. She quickly was drawn to the healthcare industry and saw its need for growth in marketing. Along the way the social media world quickly became a key part of communication. Joy not only understands social media, but leads in this field. She is a LinkedIn Influencer that has built a community of over 250,000 followers and reaches 2 million viewers per month. She has spent the last 12 yrs teaching medical practices how to grow their practice through relationship building in the medical community and social media content.

Joy is a firm believer that movement changes the mind and unlocks your full potential.

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Interview questions:

Q1: Tell us you background and how you get started in your line of work.

Q2: What inspired you to become a leader in organizational development?

Q3: You have written 11 books on management and leadership; what is the most important lesson your readers can learn from your work?

Q4: You have done work with some of the largest companies in the world; what has been the most rewarding part of this experience?

Q5: What advice would you give to executives looking to create a more employee-centric environment?

Q6: Could you share your insights on how to cultivate an environment that employees love, and how these efforts benefit employers?

Q7: Are there any challenges or pitfalls that employers should be aware of when attempting to build strong employee relationships?

Q8: What trends in work culture have you seen lately and how do you predict them evolving in the future?

Most Loved Workplace creates companies and leaders that have raving employee and customer fans. Our research and work proves that Most Loved Workplaces produce 3-4 times better customer service, employee performance, and retention than companies not loved by their employees. When you work with us on our certification, assessment or consulting options, expect to recruit the best, build your business, and experience business growth.

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