Interview with Ralph Adamo, CEO & Founder at Integrity Wealth Management

Ralph Adamo began his career in the financial services industry in 1985, quickly recognizing that clients require broader services and a personalized plan to address their concerns and needs in today’s complex world. His clients soon realized that he had an inherent ability to go beyond the surface and understand the deeper emotional elements underlying financial issues and those clients referred their friends, family and colleagues to him. His portfolio of business grew steadily.

From career inception and over the years Ralph prepared himself to address the increasingly complex array of financial services that comprise a truly comprehensive and far-reaching multi-generational wealth management program by acquiring the well respected ChFC, CLU credentials along with a Masters of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) from The American College. He is an investment advisor representative (IAR).

Driven by a singular focus on helping clients achieve their lifelong financial goals, Ralph has established successful long-term relationships with clients in many fields of endeavor nationwide. He strives to be a highly effective specialist on his own, but often serves as a catalyst to bring top level integration of a client’s overall wealth plan by working collaboratively with the client’s team of professionals, seeking to achieve results that exceed expectations. He is passionate about gaining knowledge and applying it wisely. Ralph founded Orange County’s Chapter of Advisors in Philanthropy and was President 2012-2014, and also served as a Board Member of The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy from 2011-2014. Ralph is the author of the book “Integrity @ Work: Using the Integrity Process To Find Your Financial True North

In 2003 Ralph Adamo formed Integrity Wealth Management and began developing what became the proprietary WealthTrac™ FORMula. He has built a team of professionals that provide clients with the collective experience and an insightful creative strategy to help achieve their lifelong financial goals. Ralph and Integrity accepts new clients on a introduction basis only, from a national network of accountants, attorneys, other professionals, as well as existing clients.

Ralph Adamo is registered with and securities are offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, 6451 N. Federal Highway, Suite 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308. Tel: 954-782-4771. Investment Advisory services are offered through Kovack Advisors, Inc. Integrity Wealth Management is not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.

Interview questions:

Introduction |You have been in the financial services industry since 1985. In 2003, you started Integrity Wealth Management. Can you tell us about your career and the decision to start Integrity Wealth Management?

Milestones | What are some of the key milestones since starting in 2003?

Services |What are the services that Integrity Wealth Management provides?

Strategy | Can you explain the WealhTrac FORMula? What are the 8 sleeves/pillars? How do you bring cohesion to the fractured process?

Market | How do you position Integrity Wealth Management in the hyper-competitive landscape of wealth management?

Other Advisors | How do you integrate other advisors such as T&E attorneys into your advice?

Book |You have written, “Integrity at Work – Using the Integrity Process to Find Your Financial True North”. What motivated you to write the book? Can you provide a snapshot of the major themes in the book?

Ideal Client | In one of the initial chapters, you write about the ideal client. Who is the ideal client? What is the appropriate lens to pick an advisor?

Integrity | How does integrity play a role in choosing a wealth manager?

Shared Journey | Can you explain what you mean by a ‘shared journey’?

Covid | What impact did covid have on your writing the book?

Growth | Can you share the growth and sustainability plans?

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At Integrity Wealth Management, we work primarily for a select group of very successful and busy business owners and professionals. We are not all things to all people but we are all things to some people. Our clients acknowledge that time is precious and they understand the value of delegation.

We have cracked the code with developing and refining a process that pulls together all the financial pieces of the puzzle.

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