Interview with Jodi Katz, CEO of Base Beauty Creative Agency

Jodi Katz is the host of the long-running podcast, “Where Brains Meet Beauty.” She has been a respected voice in the beauty and wellness industry for over 20 years, 15 of them as founder and creative director of Base Beauty Creative Agency (NYC) — her groundbreaking boutique outfit whose holistic, integrated approach to marketing high growth brands has revolutionized the industry and taken companies owned by the likes of Colgate, Church and Dwight and Estee Lauder, to unprecedented levels of sales and cultural impact. Under Katz leadership, Base Beauty has accelerated growth across all sales channels and marketing touchpoints, breaking down client silos to craft needle moving campaigns for Clinique, EltaMD Skincare, Conair, Tom’s of Maine, and others. She has laid the foundation for her eventual rise in the beauty marketing industry with a resume of unique “steppingstone” jobs with BBDO, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, digital start-ups and beauty brands. She made her breakthrough as a copywriter with the skincare company, Bliss, and a concurrent side hustle freelancing for Avon. After numerous gigs and full-time positions as a copywriter, Katz took the reins as creative director for the global prestige French brand L’Occitaneen Provence for four years. Over the course of her career, Katz has been featured in top beauty industry publications such as CEW, WWD, Beauty Independent and BeautyMatter, among others. Her debut book, “Facing the Seduction of Success: Inspiring Stories on Leading in Business While Living Your Life,” released worldwide on June 7, 2022.

Interview questions:

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Jodi Katz – CEO of Base Beauty Creative Agency, Author of “Facing the Seduction of Success: Inspiring Stories on Leading in Business While Living Your Life”

Base Beauty Creative Agency | Can you share your vision for launching an agency focused on beauty? What services does the agency provide? Who are some of your clients?

Milestones | What are some of the major milestones of the agency over its 15-year history?

Podcast | How did the Where Brains Meet Beauty podcast idea develop? Can you highlight some of your most interesting guests and their stories?

Challenges/Career Journey | What were the most critical challenges that you faced in creating your career journey? How did you overcome them?

“Facing the Seduction of Success” – The Book |Your book came out yesterday. How did “Facing the Seduction of Success” come about? Who is the book for?

Themes | Can you share some of the stories and insights? What are some of the major themes?

Advice | What are some of the key takeaways that you hope readers learn in reading your book?

Inspiration | Which brands/companies/entrepreneurs inspire you?

Goals | What are your goals over the next couple of years?

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Founded over 15 years ago by beauty marketing expert Jodi Katz, the BBCA team of creative powerhouses prove that a totally integrated approach to marketing really works – our team breaks down client silos to craft needle-moving marketing.

Our accomplished leadership team, all with depth of beauty and wellness in-house and agency experience with the industry’s most influential legacy and indie brands, leads our groundbreaking strategic programs across paid, earned and owned marketing for high-growth brands including Clinique, EltaMD Skincare, Conair, Heritage Store, Pause Well-Aging, Blushington, Laura Geller. The success of our work goes hand-in-hand with our team’s values to work kindly and collaboratively.

The team’s beauty and wellness expertise is featured often in business publications Glossy, WWD, Business of Fashion, The Washington Post, Luxury Daily and industry events such as Cosmoprof NA, ADF & PCD, Indie Beauty Expo and Beauty Connect Summit.

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