Interview with Greg Hobelmann, Co-CEO and President of Ashley Addiction Treatment

Dr. Greg Hobelmann is the Co-CEO and President of Ashley Addiction Treatment (Ashley) together with Alex Denstman and serves as part-time faculty within Johns Hopkins’ Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department. As a leader on the cutting-edge of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, Dr. Hobelmann has dedicated his life’s work to improving patient outcomes and helping others find recovery through innovative clinical research and advanced methodologies. His published research has challenged the industry and led to breakthroughs in the standardized treatment for addiction that affects millions of people every day. His deep understanding and compassion for those who suffer from SUD stems from his personal experience with battling this debilitating disease and has driven him to help others find recovery.

Dr. Hobelmann previously worked as Staff Psychiatrist and as Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical and Medical Officer at Ashley. As Co-CEO and Presidents, Greg and Alex share responsibilities, with Dr. Hobelmann overseeing Medical Services and Nursing, all of Ashley’s inpatient and outpatient programs, extended care programs, Spiritual and Weekend Counseling, Family Services, as well as Dietary, Quality Improvement, Health Information Management, and Patient Support and Transportation. Dr. Hobelmann has implemented many innovative programs and established an ongoing partnership with Johns Hopkins Hospital and its schools of medicine to launch Ashley and its patients into the future of SUD treatment.

Within Hobelmann’s 24 years of medical experience, he has achieved many honors including the Jeremy Hallisey Award for Compassion and Humanistic Qualities, Resident of the Year, and Fellow of the Year from Johns Hopkins. He served as chief resident in both the anesthesia and psychiatric departments at Johns Hopkins and has been board certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, psychiatry, and addiction medicine and maintains his certification in psychiatry and addiction medicine. He also received his Master of Public Health.

Prior to Ashley, Dr. Hobelmann worked as an interventional pain specialist. His special treatment interests include substance use disorders and chronic pain. He also served on the advisory committee for the New Day Campaign, which aims to reduce the stigma of addiction and mental health disorders through art. Dr. Hobelmann serves as a board member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and is an active speaker and lecturer educating peers on new findings and the importance of comprehensive pain management. Dr. Hobelmann is committed to assuring that all Ashley’s patients and their families receive the most innovative and excellent holistic care on their recovery journey.

Interview questions:

Personal | Following medical school, you chose anesthesia and pain management. Around 2008, you developed an addiction to alcohol and opioids. Tell us about your personal journey and the role of Ashley Addiction Treatment.

Career | What role did John Lipsey play in relaunching your career? You started as a Staff Physician; in 2018 you became Chief Clinical Officer.

Ashley Addiction Today | Please provide a snapshot of Ashley Addiction Treatment – patients, footprint…

History |Ashley Addiction Treatment was founded by Father Martin and his colleague Mae Ashley Abraham. Can you share their story? milestones?

Pandemic | The pandemic introduced many additional stressors into the lives of families and children. What has been the impact? How has Ashley Addiction Treatment responded?

Co-CEO | You share the CEO title with Alex Denstman who was also at one time a patient. Tell us about his background. How do you share responsibilities?

The Clubhouse | You opened The Clubhouse at Ashley in Aberdeen earlier this year. Tell us about the Clubhouse. In July, Ashley announced virtual services by the Clubhouse.

Telehealth | How important is telehealth in your treatment?

Fentanyl | You recently wrote a paper on opioid use and the impact of fentanyl. What were the highlights of your research?

Mental Wellness | What are the five steps we can take to improve our mental wellness?

Growth | What are the strategic growth plans for Ashley Addiction Treatment?

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Ashley Addiction Treatment is one of the leading addiction treatment centers in the U.S. As a nonprofit leader, our mission to transform and save lives through the science of medicine, the art of therapy, and the compassion of spirituality, is at the forefront of everything we do.

We know that a substance use disorder is not a choice but a disease, and we use every tool available to achieve complete healing for our patients and drive innovation in the addiction treatment field.

Our evidence-based, holistic treatment encompasses the mind, body and spirit to achieve lifelong recovery and is complemented by our principle to treat everyone with dignity and respect while providing empathetic and compassionate care.

Our tranquil campus in Havre de Grace, MD, nestled on the Chesapeake Bay, provides the perfect retreat for an inpatient treatment experience in a comforting environment of healing. For those who prefer a less intensive treatment setting, we offer outpatient services in Elkton and Bel Air, MD. Our expert staff implements personalized treatment plans addressing each patient’s unique needs.

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