Interview with Greg Gershman, CEO at Ad Hoc

An experienced software developer and entrepreneur, Greg’s career has included work in both startups and government. Greg’s experience as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, his role in the “tech surge” that fixed after its troubled launch, and his belief that small, smart teams of developers can improve how the government delivers services all led him to co-found Ad Hoc. Greg leads Ad Hoc’s overall strategy and operation. He oversees the executive team, manages relationships with customers and partners, and is involved in business development.

Interview questions:

Introduction | Please start with an introduction to Ad Hoc? Gov con, employees.

Can you explain how you decided on naming the company Ad Hoc?

2013 |In 2013, you were hired by the White House to join the contractors and government team to work on Share that experience and how that resulted in the launch of Ad Hoc.

Co-Founder | Paul Smith was the other co-founder of Ad Hoc. What were his background and role?

Career | Your career started with stints at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and Aether Systems. You were also part of the Ad Hoc team at Tell us about your career and the decision to launch Ad Hoc in 2014. | One of your clients Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rebuild What were some of the key features of the relaunch?

Expertise | Explain how Ad Hoc is built around different disciplines – engineering. design, product management, and data analytics.

Procurement | Given the complexity of government procurement, how do agencies keep up with emerging technologies?

Acquisition |Earlier this year, Ad Hoc acquired Cascades Technologies. Tell us about Cascades Technologies and the acquisition’s impact on Ad Hoc.

Culture | How would you describe the culture of Ad Hoc? Ie. remote-first

Growth | What are the growth plans for Ad Hoc? Are there any potential acquisitions?

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Ad Hoc is a digital services company that helps the federal government better serve people. Our team of experts from across commercial industry and government brings the modern skills necessary to help agencies transform public services into digital services. Our work enables agencies to meet the needs of their users while closing the gap between consumer expectations and government.

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