Interview with Dr. James Min, CEO at Cleerly

Cleerly, a New York startup aiming to transform cardiac care, raised $223 million in Series C funding in July, in a round co-led by T. Rowe Price and Fidelity. With CEO James Min at the helm, the five-year-old firm has been built on path-breaking research at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine —institutions in which he held key positions.

Min has been at the cutting edge of research and authored more than 500 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He served as a professor of radiology and medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and was director of the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging at New York-Presbyterian before taking the entrepreneurial path. His mission at Cleerly is to replace angiogram — considered a gold standard for diagnosing cardiac issues — with non-invasive coronary (CT) angiography and other advanced digital tools, many of which have been approved by the FDA.

In an interview with Citybizlist CEO Edwin Warfield, Min spoke about Cleerly’s vision of establishing preventive cardiac care, the importance of digital tools in advancing treatment and ensuring better outcomes, and the challenges of moving from academia to business.

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Interview Questions :

Cleerly | Cleerly is a cardiac care management system that combines image analysis and AI. Can you explain the technology? How does it result in personalized therapeutic solutions?

HeartHealth Program |The HeartHealth program was a collaboration between the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging and the Weill Cornell Medicine. How was your program different than other preventive programs?

The Problem | 50% of people who suffer a heart attack will do so without experiencing any symptoms. Describe the problem that Cleerly is addressing.

The Journey | Can you share your academic journey and how it lead to the founding of Cleerly? How did you shift the paradigm to prevention?

Cleerly Today | Can you provide a snapshot of Cleerly today?

2017 | In 2017, you founded Cleerly? Tell us about the launch. Was it a software solution?

Team | Who are the other key members of the management team?

Clinical Trials | What is the status of the clinical trials?

Registry | Celery also has an international registry. What are the plans for it?

Series C | At the end of July, Cleerly closed a Series C funding round of $223 million which was led by T. Rowe Price Associate and Fidelity Management and Research. Can you tell us about the Series C and other financings?

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