Interview with Art Cooksey, Founder & CEO of Let’s Talk Interactive

Arthur Cooksey serves as the Chairman and CEO of Let’s Talk Interactive, Inc. (LTI), leading the corporate strategy and development to drive the adoption of LTI’s suite of products and services. He founded the technology platform in 2001 as a way to provide consumers with access to qualified and licensed behavioral health professionals, which he later evolved to customized services and telehealth technology that LTI is known for today. Currently, LTI provides more than 3 million minutes and services roughly 40 thousand patients per month with telehealth services growing at 30% utilization month over month on our network.

The platform is having a major impact in the Florida Panhandle region. Championed by Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis and her Hope for Healing Initiative, the program placed telehealth kiosks from Let’s Talk Interactive in 63 public schools throughout the region. As a result, more than 60,000 students have access to mental health support.

In addition to collaborating with schools, Arthur continues to lead the growth of LTI into correctional institution programs, working alongside sheriff teams in Franklin County, FL to reduce recidivism through behavioral health support for inmates. He also emphasizes telehealth innovation among political leaders by attending judiciary hearings and White House events including the Summit on Transforming Mental Health Treatment to Combat Homelessness, Violence, and Substance Abuse.

Prior to Let’s Talk Interactive, Arthur held corporate and strategic roles for more than a decade, including leading corporate development with Bank of America Merchant Services. He was selected as a member of Bank of America’s Market President team where he reviewed social, economic and education issues, and sat on a political action committee that supported nonprofits throughout the Charlotte region.

A Charlotte native, Arthur continues to reside in his hometown.

Let’s Talk Interactive Debuts New Telehealth Solutions at ATA2022

Let’s Talk Interactive sees access to quality healthcare as a human right. With a mission to provide telehealth technology solutions that help providers offer access to quality healthcare coverage – regardless of local service levels, we’re eliminating gaps in the current system.

Our cutting-edge telemedicine solutions are customized for healthcare providers and organizations. We provide a breadth of goods and services for the creation of a complete telemedicine infrastructure, with our software pairing seamlessly with a host of hardware solutions and peripheral options and enhanced with custom development and provider network solutions. LTI has been approved by the GSA to sell products to the Federal Government and enable the adoption of a telehealth platform.

Interview questions:

Q1: Today I would like to introduce Art Cooksey, the CEO and Founder of Let’s Talk Interactive, a telehealth solutions company. Could you please give a brief explanation of what LTI does?

Q2: You recently participated in the American Telemedicine Association Conference. Based on your experience at ATA – what was your biggest takeaway?

Q3: I’m sure you saw a lot of companies and new innovations. What makes LTI unique?

Q4: Keeping on the topic of innovation, what is LTI doing to contribute to innovation in telehealth?

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