Interview with Anthony Wall, Founder & President of Noesis

Tony Wall is the founder and president of Noēsis, a non-profit that’s dedicated to human education and the elimination of perpetual conflict. Wall, who comes from a family of nine, spent his early years at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. He moved to Chicago to attend Lake Forest College and credits his Liberal Arts education as the catalyst for his interest in existential philosophy. He spent most of his career in the financial services industry but continually found himself drawn back to the study of humankind. In 2019, Wall established Noēsis and created a series of educational videos to explain his concept of the human injury and how primitive instincts drive today’s human interactions.

Interview questions:

Introduction | Noesis is a Greek word. What does it mean and what is Noesis?

Genetic Equals | A recurring subject at Noesis is that all human beings come from the same place. Can you explain that?

The Vision | What led to your decision to create Noesis?

Quotation | The Only Light to the Future is That of the Past. The above quotation appears often on your website. Explain its importance to the mission.

Human Survival | What do you mean when you say “Human Injury” and what would Noesis do to create a sustainable Humanity?

Conflict | How can human behavior be mathematical? Explain this in further detail.

Perpetual Conflict | How will Noesis address the issue of perpetual conflict?

Next Steps | What can our listeners do to learn more? How can we understand Noesis better?

Future | What are the future plans for Noesis?

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About Noēsis: The mission of Noesis is to free humanity from the churn of perpetual conflict by defining the drivers of conflict that are rooted in history. Noēsis has taken the lead in tracing, identifying, and describing the ancient and unresolved motivators of conflict. These relics have combined to either undermine or destroy previous human cultures. An emotionally exhausted human species must fully understand the mechanisms of repetitive human failure.

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