Susan Gorham Interviews Greg Derwart – Author, The New You

Greg Derwart has served as an executive-level operations and administration professional in both the public and private sectors for almost 30 years. With a love of strategic planning, leading highly engaged teams, and celebrating personal and professional relationships, Greg knows how to focus on what’s important at work and in life. 

Greg has created a proven five-step process that brings clarity to your purpose and goals, then creates actionable steps for implementation and accomplishment.

Greg is available for: ​

  • One-on-one sessions for individuals and couples to develop your personalized action plans

  • Group presentations for teams, associations and community groups

  • Start-up business plan creation – develop your business plan by first using the Next Step Goal Mapping process

  • Accountability Partner – follow-up to ensure incremental progress is happening

The New You: Goal Mapping and Pivoting in a Changing World

Interview questions:

Q1: Where did the idea for the book come from?

Q2: How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect or change your own personal goal mapping process?

Q3: First, what is goal mapping?

Q4: I’ve known you for a long time. You’ve used a structured goal planning process for decades. How has your process or approach to goal setting changed during different stages of your life?

Q5: Your goal mapping philosophy is a holistic one. Which components of their life do you encourage people to consider in their goal mapping?

Q6: You say that exploring the traits that make us who we are is the first step in the goal mapping journey. That might be a daunting first step for some. What’s your advice to someone for conquering that first step?

Q7: In your book you share several stories of people who have inspired you. Would you share one of those stories?

Q8: In chapter two you invite readers to write their personal mission statement. Can you share your own mission statement with us?

Q9: You don’t often see faith in a book about goal setting. Tell me the role faith plays for you in goal setting.

Q10: Once someone has gone through the goal mapping process, they’re not done. How often do you suggest they revisit and rework their goals?

Q11: What advice do you have for people who feel stuck in pursuing their goals?

Q12: Who is the book for?

Q13: Where can people find the book?

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn

Susan Gorham is the director of marketing at Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, a CPA and technology consulting firm. She helps her firm grow through digital marketing, communication, lead generation and branding initiatives. With 25 years of experience working in B2B marketing and communications, she leads a talented team of marketing and business development professionals. Susan is a member of her firm’s women’s initiative committee and also serves on the board of Pets on Wheels, a nonprofit that brings therapy animals to facilities across Maryland.

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